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Curry Bread

Curry Bread

Ingredients (Easy-to-prepare amounts)

Chicken thigh 450g / 1lb
Potato 150g / 5 oz
Onion 350g / 13 oz
Carrot 100g / 3.5 oz
Water 540ml
S&B Golden Curry Mix 92g 1pack
Bread (Boule) As needed
Cheese As needed


  1. Cut chicken thigh and vegetables into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Stir-fry ingredients with oil in a large pan for approx. 5-10min.
  3. Add water and bring to boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer until ingredients are tender, for approx. 15min.
  4. Turn the heat off, break S&B Golden Curry Mix into pieces and add them to the pan.
    Stir until sauce mixes are completely melted. Simmer for approx. 5min, stirring constantly.
  5. Hollow out the inside of bread (boule) and put the curry sauce into the bread. Then put plenty of cheese on it.
  6. Grill it in the oven at 200℃ for 8-10 min until the cheese melts.
    *Enjoy dipping with the removed bread, as you like.
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