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Sprouted Brown Rice 2.0kg (4.4 LB) Pack of 2

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Koshihikari Quick Cooking Whole Grain Sprouted Brown Rice in 35.2oz (1000g) resealable package. Healthiest form of whole grain brown rice. 750% more GABA and Fibre than white rice.The most touted health benefit to sprouted rice is Gaba (gamma amino butyric acid). It is an amino acid found in large quantitiesin GABA Sprouted Brown Rice. GABA also exists in people and works as a neurotransmitter with the following benefits: lowers anxiety, increases the sleep cycle giving deeper rest, lower blood pressure, and improves other cardiovascular functions. The sprouting (germination) process adds a variety of nutrients through the activation of dormant enzymes, while also softening the bran layer. The rice kernel is germinated until the flavor and nutritional benefits are maximized. Subsequently, the germination process is interrupted and the kernel moisture is reduced to pre-germination levels, preserving the nutritional benefits. Sprouted brown rice has four times the GABA content of regular brown rice, and over seven times the GABA of white rice! Product of United States.