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by Mishima
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No MSG added. All-natural. Made with organic miso. Vegetarian. Non-GMO soybeans. No cholesterol. No saturated fat. Instant soybean paste soup with real tofu.

Naturally Delicious: Just like in your favorite Japanese restaurant, now you can enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese Miso Soup quickly and easily with Mishima's instant miso soups. Mishima uses only the highest quality ingredients in our soups to give you the best taste. Our delicious blend of red and white miso paste is enhanced with real pieces of tofu, green onions, and wakame to make it truly authentic. Low in calories and containing no saturated fats or cholesterol, Mishima's instant miso soup is a healthy way to enjoy your soup. Convenience & Freshness: Our single-serving packets are packed in foiled lined pouches for guaranteed freshness and quality. The convenient individual packets are easy to store and are great for taking on the go. Keep them at home, your office, at school, in your car, or wherever you enjoy your soup!! 

Miso Instant Soup Spicy MixedIngredients

Dried Miso Powder (Non-gmo Soybean, Rice, Salt), Dried Seaweed, Shiitake Mushroom Extract Powder (Dextrin, Shiitake Mushroom, Salt, Yeast Extract), Yeast Extract, Dried Tofu ( Non-gmo Soybeans, Maltose, Potato Starch, Calcium Sulfate), Dried Green Onion, Tangle Powder (Tangle Extract, Dextrin, Maltose Syrup, Sugar, Yeast Extract)



Shelf Life: 

18 months