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[Ninben] Authentic Dried Bonito Flakes (Hana Katsuo: 花かつお) Fresh Pack | Japanese Katsuobushi (鰹節) | Fresh & Original Flavor | Dried Shaved Skipjack Tuna | Product Of Japan (0.95 Oz x 5 Packs + 1 Bonus Pack)

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  • DEEPER, RICHER FLAVOR - Extremely popular in a variety of Japanese dishes, katsuobushi is known for its rich flavor and unique texture. The household favorite topping complements many different types of recipes.
  • PRODUCT OF JAPAN - Each flake is thinly sliced to ensure maximum umami flavor infusion into every recipe. To keep the freshness of the bonito flakes, we pack them in an airtight package. NINBEN have been supporting the authentic Japanese taste through supplying specially selected dried skipjack tuna for over 300 years. We keep evolving for the future.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - One of the most essential ingredients of Japanese cuisine, katsuobushi is smoked, dried and fermented fish. Raw filets are boiled, smoked on wood, sun dried, and then fermented to develop the complex flavor. Fostered by rich sea and four seasons, dried skipjack tuna has been polished by traditional Japanese skills. What originated from these have fostered Japanese food culture for period of time.
  • ADD TO YOUR FAVORITE DISH - As these bonito flakes are shaved thinly, they can be used for toppings for salad, toast, rice, okonomiyaki, tofu and more. Bonito flakes shaved from well - selected dried bonito. As these bonito flakes are shaved thinly, they can be used for toppings for salad, okonomiyaki and tofu.
  • ABOUT THE COMPANY - Established in 1699, Ninben uses time-tested traditional techniques to supply katsuobushi (dried bonito), a product born of the bounty of the sea and nurtured by the four seasons, and and dashi (soup stock). The dashi created using katsuobushi has heavily contributed to the development of Japanese food culture.