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Oliver Tonkatsu Sauce for Fried Cutlet, Vegetable and Fruit Sauce, Goes well on Chicken and Pork katsu, Japanese bbq sauce 20.45oz


Oliver Sauce invented the "Tonkatsu Sauce" in 1948 in Kobe, Japan. Kobe, Japan was heavily influenced by Western cusisine with the opening of Hyoga port. The locals soon adopted the pork cutlet as on one of their favorite meals. The Oliver Sauce company wanted to make a sauce that would pair well with this Western dish and in 1948, the first ever Tonkatsu sauce was born! From this starting point, a new Japanese sauce that best matches such dishes as deep-fried cutlets (tonkatsu) and pan-grilled Japanese style crepes called "Okonomiyaki", was created.

  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Thick sweet-and-sour vinegar-based sauce, restaurant quality sauces, thicker consistency than soy sauce/teriyaki sauce similar to oyster sauce and is considered Japanese barbecue sauce
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Add rich flavor to a wide variety of foods especially deep-fried cutlets (chicken, pork, tofu), the perfect dipping sauce for anything that you'd normally pair with bbq sauces, gochujang, siracha, stir fry sauce, and even chick fil a sauce!
  • OLIVER SAUCE OTHER OPTIONS - After you taste our Tonkatsu sauce, try our Worcestershire sauce and Chuno sauce
  • FEATURE - No Chemical Flavor (No MSG added), Rich taste with less water content, Premium quality compared to other competitors resulting in a much more rich aroma and natural sweet taste , Oliver Sauce: Fruits and Vetables (38%) Water (8.1%), Other Brands: Fruits and Vegetables (15%) Water (30%),
  • HISTORY - World 1st Tonkatsu sauce from Kobe, Japan!